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11 Nov 2021

LXD Packaging Report, Nov 11

A quick update on my progress of packaging all the dependencies for LXD in Debian.

NEW packages pending ftpmaster review:

  • golang-github-digitalocean-go-smbios
  • golang-github-flosch-pongo2.iv4
  • golang-github-juju-collections
  • golang-github-juju-gnuflag
  • golang-github-juju-persistent-cookiejar
  • golang-github-juju-schema
  • golang-github-juju-testing
  • golang-github-juju-usso
  • golang-github-juju-webbrowser
  • golang-github-mdlayher-netx
  • golang-github-x448-float16
  • golang-gopkg-macaroon.v2

NEW packages pending upload:

  • golang-github-duo-labs-webauthn
  • golang-github-fxamacker-cbor
  • golang-github-jochenvg-go-udev
  • golang-github-juju-cmd
  • golang-github-juju-clock
  • golang-github-juju-gomaasapi
  • golang-github-juju-mutex
  • golang-gopkg-juju-environschema.v1

Pending updates to existing packages:

  • golang-github-juju-errors
  • golang-github-juju-utils
  • golang-github-juju-version

Other activities:

  • Pinged the golang-goprotobuf maintainers to inquire about migration plans of that package from experimental to unstable. (The newer version is a dependency of golang-github-go-macaroon-bakery-macaroonpb.) I performed a rdeps rebuild, and have identified several packages that fail to build with the updated golang-goprotobuf; I’ll be investigating more to see if I can help fix these failures.
  • Adjusted ITP for golang-github-farjump-go-libudev to package the upstream, golang-github-jochenvg-go-udev
  • Filed several small bugs with various upstreams to remove use of dead repos, fix tests, etc

Once again, thanks to Aloïs Micard for continued feedback and sponsoring my changes.