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24 Feb 2021

Good (and Bad) Customer Service

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a higher than normal number of interactions with various online companies. ...
22 Feb 2021

Perseverance's Descent and Touchdown

I think we might be living in the future… we’ve got a satellite (the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) snapping ...
11 Feb 2021

UniFi AC Pro and IPv6 RAs

For a while now, I’ve been running an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network on my main wired LAN. IPv6 availability has com...
07 Feb 2021

One Month Since the Capitol Insurrection

Yesterday marked one month since insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol building. One month since the Confederate battl...
04 Feb 2021

Shady Behavior from the RaspberryPi Foundation

Well, the RaspberryPi Foundation burnt a lot of good will this week. For those who haven’t heard, they released an...
14 Jan 2021

OpenRCT2 Packaged for Debian

I’m happy to announce that OpenRCT2 is coming to Debian as a proper package – and the first that I’ve ...
01 Jan 2021

Charitable Giving, Redux

Well, 2020 went exactly as I had planned…. not. COVID-19 completely disrupted life, and put into even starker con...
01 Jan 2021

In praise of the HDHomeRun

Over 13 years ago, SiliconDust released the first of its HDHomeRun devices. These are pretty nifty network-attached TV t...
27 Dec 2020

A RaspberryPi Stargate

Here’s a pretty nifty project I saw recently!
12 Dec 2020

SpaceX Starship SN8

Scientific progress goes boink, er, boom!