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31 Oct 2021

Marching on to LXD in Debian: First report

Last week I began looking into the status of the long-lived ITP to get LXD properly into Debian. I’d really like it to land during the bookworm development cycle, so I’m rolling up my sleeves and pitching in. This is the first in what will hopefully be a small series of posts documenting what I’ve done to move that overall ITP along.

As of this afternoon, I have completed the following work towards getting all the dependencies required by LXD available in the Debian archive:

NEW packages pending ftpmaster review:

  • golang-github-jaypipes-pcidb
  • golang-github-jkeiser-iter
  • golang-github-juju-qthttptest

NEW packages pending upload:

  • golang-github-farjump-go-libudev

Updated existing packages:

  • golang-github-juju-httpprof
  • golang-github-juju-loggo

Pending updates to existing packages:

  • golang-gopkg-httprequest.v1

Other activities:

  • Pinged dqlite upstream to fix bug preventing dqlite migration into archive
  • Pinged LXD to remove use of obsolete library
  • Pinged juju/schema to fix test failure
  • Pinged juju/testing about numerous dependency loops with other libraries

Special thanks to Aloïs Micard for providing feedback and sponsoring my changes.