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14 Jan 2021

OpenRCT2 Packaged for Debian

Post updated on 2021-02-05

I’m happy to announce that OpenRCT2 is coming to Debian as a proper package – and the first that I’ve formally prepared for inclusion in Debian!

As of writing, it’s waiting for a sponsor upload, but hopefully that won’t take too long.

Update 2021-02-05 At this point in time, with the bullseye soft-freeze one week out, it’s very unlikely that OpenRCT2 will land in time to make the bullseye release. I will continue to update OpenRCT2 in my personal repository until the package makes it to Debian proper. I’ll build for both buster and bullseye for the duration of their lifetimes.

While waiting for OpenRCT2 to be accepted into Debian, I’ve made available amd64 and i386 builds for both buster and bullseye in my personal apt repo. You’re welcome to install OpenRCT2 from my repo, and enjoy playing!