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01 Jan 2021

Charitable Giving, Redux

Well, 2020 went exactly as I had planned…. not.

COVID-19 completely disrupted life, and put into even starker contrast the difference between haves and have nots, and how quickly a person’s life can be completely disrupted by forces beyond their control. Throughout 2020, we also saw the tremendous importance of the work that non-profits do, often times without any special attention.

My original musings a year ago, posted before most of us had even heard of COVID-19, seems even more relevant as 2021 begins. If you’re blessed to have a job and aren’t living paycheck to paycheck, please consider supporting a local non-profit that’s doing work in your community. They need our support now more than ever.

This past year I added two more charities to my monthly support list, in addition to my previously mentioned ones:

  • Roadrunner Food Bank
    A local food bank whose services have become even more important this year with so many people having lost jobs or are looking at significant cuts to their income.
  • Casa Q
    Casa Q provides safe living options and services for homeless LGBTQ youth in New Mexico.

PS - You now have my permission to celebrate the start of a new decade!