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09 Jun 2023

A new laptop

After about 14 years, it’s time to say goodnight to my trusty T61 ThinkPad. It’s quite a testament to the quality of the classic ThinkPads that apart from upgrading the hard drive and replacing the battery pack a few years ago, the hardware is working just as well as it did when I got it “slightly used” from my university’s recycle pile.

But, the time has finally come for a replacement, and after a bit of searching I’ve settled on System76’s Pangolin laptop. Chief among the things I was looking for in a new laptop was an Ethernet port (surprisingly hard to find now on some model lines), plenty of RAM, ability for repair, and good out-of-box Linux support. The Pangolin fits that, and for the past week I’ve been pretty pleased with it. The laptop arrived with Pop!_OS pre-installed, but of course I promptly installed Debian bookworm. ;)

Oh, and across pretty much every metric it’s an order of magnitude faster than my T61 – kind of fun to make those performance jumps and appreciate how hardware keeps improving year over year.

Pangolin memtest86+ stats

Memory speeds on the new Pangolin laptop

T61 memtest86+ stats

Memory speeds on the old T61 laptop