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03 Dec 2022

A Debian Developer

It’s been a bit over a month since becoming official, but I’m now a full-fledged Debian Developer!


Congratulations and welcome to the following new Debian Developers who have completed the NM process and are now full project members:

  • Anupa Ann Joseph <anupa>
  • Mathias Gibbens <gibmat>
  • Tino Didriksen <tinodidriksen>
  • Arun Kumar Pariyar <arun>

Thank you for your contributions to Debian!

-Jonathan, Debian Project Leader

(Link to the debian-project announcement)

In the time since, I’ve been busy working on updating various golang libraries and packaging new ones that will be needed by future LXD feature releases. I also sponsored my first package for someone else, and have been fixing some architecture-specific build failures in the lxc and lxcfs packages.