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04 Aug 2022

lxd_5.0.0-1_amd64.changes is NEW

LXD has finally been uploaded to the NEW queue!

It’s been about nine months since I seriously started looking at getting LXD packaged, and I’m very excited to have finally made it to this point. In total, I had to work on 56 other packages that are dependencies of LXD, which either weren’t yet in Debian and needed to be packaged from scratch, or were out of date and needed to be updated. While doing all that work, I learned a lot about packaging and want to especially thank Aloïs Micard and Nilesh Patra for their guidance along the way.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of several individuals who I want to be sure to thank:

  • Aloïs Micard, Nilesh Patra, Pierre-Elliott Bécue, Vincent Bernat, and Reinhard Tartler who sponsored my various uploads

  • Michael Jeanson who spotted an incorrectly installed file and helped to improve the service definitions

  • Clément Hermann and Carsten Brandt for their feedback on my packaging work

Hopefully LXD will make it through the queue relatively quickly and at long last LXD will be included in the Debian archive.