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01 Jan 2022

LXD Packaging Report, New Year's edition

Happy 2022 everyone! This will be the year that LXD finally, properly lands in Debian. The packaging work for LXD is fairly well polished and tested. At this point, it’s mostly waiting for the few remaining NEW packages to get uploaded as their dependencies become available in the archive.

As of last week, a fully-functional LXD v4.21 can be built and I have been verifying everything is working properly:

  • Both systemd and SysV init scripts are supplied and verified to work
  • LXD can create both systemd and SysV containers
  • LXD can create QEMU-based virtual machines, and use lxd-agent to communicate
  • Full LXD test suite passes

I’m hoping there will be only one or two more updates before I can announce that LXD has been accepted into unstable.

NEW packages pending ftpmaster review:

  • golang-github-digitalocean-go-libvirt

Pending updates to existing packages:

  • golang-github-canonical-go-dqlite
  • golang-github-mattn-go-sqlite3

Other activities:

  • Filed a bug in the BTS with the lxc packagers to coordinate some changes to lxc’s packaging so files required by both lxc and LXD can be easily shared
  • Found two more vendored libraries in the LXD source and opened bugs upstream to see if it’s possible to remove that copied code
  • Tested new gobgp release candidate that updates its use of the golang protobuf v2 library, which then allowed LXD to fully transition to the new protobuf library

Once again, thanks to Aloïs Micard for continued feedback and sponsoring my changes.