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07 Feb 2021

One Month Since the Capitol Insurrection

Yesterday marked one month since insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol building. One month since the Confederate battle flag was carried through the halls of Congress. One month since the so-called “Party of Law & Order” killed a police officer. One month since half of our Federally-elected officials violated their oaths of office to protect the US Constitution.

And in the days that followed, the responses were almost entirely, and sadly, predictable. The GOP sold its soul to the devil, and while he’s no longer in the Oval Office, they still can’t simply and clearly denounce his behavior and that of his followers. Instead you have the GOP censuring one of the few who actually stood up and said that the actions of the former Present were wrong.

On the flip side, it’s been kind of hilarious to see the idiots who live-streamed themselves getting arrested one by one. If you so flippantly partake in an insurrection, you shouldn’t really be surprised when the FBI comes knocking on your door.

Finally, a month ago the GOP lost the last, tiny shred of respectability. It’s no longer possible to claim the GOP hasn’t been completely taken over by the crazies who claim to love and defend this country, while acting in a manner entirely antithetical to its founding ideals. Anyone who claims to support both America and the GOP is a hypocrite, and there’s absolutely no way to argue with that anymore.