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09 Feb 2020

The Talos Principle

If you enjoyed Portal, you’ll probably like The Talos Principle as well. It’s similar being a first-person puzzle game, but it’s also very different, delving into a decent amount of philosophy. If you prefer just solving puzzles, you can do so; there’s also a pretty decent story plot you can discover as the game progresses. You can easily follow a linear play through, while solving extra (sometimes quite hard!) puzzles opens up other plot lines. Plus, there’s a ton of easter eggs throughout.

The Talos Principle cover

I’ve really enjoyed this game, as it’s got very good puzzles, some easy and some challenging, all built with fairly simple building blocks. As the title implies, there’s a lot of philosophy that’s presented as you play, and it brings up some fairly interesting questions.

The game’s available on Steam with an additional DLC that’s pretty good as well. If you don’t want to spring for the full price, it’s occasionally on sale as well.